Daily Horoscope Virgo

Horoscope Virgo

Wednesday 23.05.2018.

Virgo characteristics

Period: 23.08 to 22.09

Element: earth

Ruling planet: Mercury

Natural position: 6 house

Lucky Numbers: 1, 2, 9, 11, 16, 22

Happy Days: Tuesday, Saturday and Sunday

Crystals: jasper, pink quartz, jade, citrine

Metal - aluminum, nickel

Flower - Flowers with vivid colors, marigold, daisy, endive

Animals : ants, turtles, dogs

Motto: I analyze!

Gender: Female

Color: brown, light green

Virgo woman

Analytical, precise, hard-working, practical, generous, sacrificial, discreet, restrained

Virgo man

Contradictory, mysterious, reliable, insecure, cautious, unpredictable

Virgo goes best with:

Scorpio, Capricorn, Taurus or Virgo

Ideal jobs:

Chemists, doctors, researchers, veterinarians, managers, entrepreneurs

Possible disease:

Stomach, metabolism, heart, headaches


Modest and shy

Meticulous and confidential

Practical and hardworking

Intelligent and analytical


Complicated and worried

-Critical and strict

Perfectionists and conservative

Hypocritical and immoral

Famous virgins

Sean Connery (25.08.1930.) American actor

Mother Teresa (27.08.1910.) Sister

Ingrid Bergman (08.28.1915.) American actress

Leo Tolstoy (08.28.1828.) Russian writer

Michael Jackson (29.08.1958.) American singer

Richard Gere (31.08.1949.) American actor

Gloria Estefan (01.09.1957.) American singer

Keanu Reeves (02.09.1964.) American actor

Johann Christian Bach (09.05.1735.) German composer

Joseph P. Kennedy (06.09.1888.) The father of President John Kennedy

Queen Elizabeth I (09.07.1533.) Queen of England

Agatha Christie (15.09.1880.) English writer

Oliver Stone (09.15.1945.) American director

Tommy Lee Jones (09.15.1946.) American actor

Greta Garbo (09.18.1905.) American actress

Sophia Loren (20.09.1934.) Italian actress

Aristotle Onassis (09.21.1906.) Greek billionaire

Stephen King (09.21.1947.) American writer

Virgo Daily Horoscope

Today will begin a new era for you. It is important for you to be cautious and reserved. You may need to rearrange your habits and attitudes. Forget about risky moves, running ahead of ourselves and surrending to a fate. Play it safe. Pay special attention your money, do not allow yourself crazy spendings, it could cost you much more.

Virgo Love Horoscope

You will be able to overcome all obstacles in your love life if you change your attitude and get more serious concerning solving your dilemmas in the love domain. It would be nice if all the issues could unwrap by themselves, but today that is not the case for you. Take matters into your own hands, arm yourself with confidence and understanding and all the storms in your harbor will turn into calm seas.

Virgo Weekly Horoscope

You have a great amount of negative emotions that you carry with you into a new week. The planet constellation is such that you could easily burn in the fire that has been burning inside you for quite some time now. It wouldn’t be wise to feed that beast with rushed actions, try to be above your anger, jealousy or addiction that haunts you. True enough, sometimes it is asked from you a lot more than from those around you, and life often is not fair, but bear in mind that special people are offered special opportunities for proving themselves and that there are firm reasons for everything that is happening to you. A lot lies in the attitude that you project on yourself and on your environment and it can help you to go through this hard period and set solid ground for the future. By the beginning of the week, you will already be expected to do just that so chase away the fog around your heart and have a clear look on the opportunities that present themselves. You will experience true enlightenment and success and promotion will not sip through your hands.

Virgo Monthly Horoscope

You will have your plate full all month long, it will be very hard and demanding in any aspect. You will become more serious, responsible and you will emotionally strive towards stability and old, traditional values in human relationships with people you care for. You will strive for an honest relationship which can secure certainty and material satisfaction. You will try to elevate your current relationship to a higher level because you will neither have nor the need nor the wish for a radical change at this time. You would rather accept the situation as is and try to deepen and strengthen your relationship with the partner. In the middle of the month you may expect a call from an old flame, and if you are single you may renew some emotional tale from the past. Situation is dynamic at work, requests laid before you are demanding and for many things the burden of responsibility is on your shoulders. You may especially experience that in the middle of the month when you will feel a burst of dissatisfaction and wish to take a vacation to catch a breath. You are not satisfied with work conditions nor with relations with colleagues, which additionally wears you out. S will get better by the end of the month and you will find it easier to bear with current obligations and you will wish to spend more time with your friends and people you love. Pay attention to your kidneys, bones and throat. Your immunity will have a negative spike in the middle of the month, so beware of infections.
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