Daily Horoscope Virgo

Horoscope Virgo

Tuesday 13.11.2018.

Virgo characteristics

Period: 23.08 to 22.09

Element: earth

Ruling planet: Mercury

Natural position: 6 house

Lucky Numbers: 1, 2, 9, 11, 16, 22

Happy Days: Tuesday, Saturday and Sunday

Crystals: jasper, pink quartz, jade, citrine

Metal - aluminum, nickel

Flower - Flowers with vivid colors, marigold, daisy, endive

Animals : ants, turtles, dogs

Motto: I analyze!

Gender: Female

Color: brown, light green

Virgo woman

Analytical, precise, hard-working, practical, generous, sacrificial, discreet, restrained

Virgo man

Contradictory, mysterious, reliable, insecure, cautious, unpredictable

Virgo goes best with:

Scorpio, Capricorn, Taurus or Virgo

Ideal jobs:

Chemists, doctors, researchers, veterinarians, managers, entrepreneurs

Possible disease:

Stomach, metabolism, heart, headaches


Modest and shy

Meticulous and confidential

Practical and hardworking

Intelligent and analytical


Complicated and worried

-Critical and strict

Perfectionists and conservative

Hypocritical and immoral

Famous virgins

Sean Connery (25.08.1930.) American actor

Mother Teresa (27.08.1910.) Sister

Ingrid Bergman (08.28.1915.) American actress

Leo Tolstoy (08.28.1828.) Russian writer

Michael Jackson (29.08.1958.) American singer

Richard Gere (31.08.1949.) American actor

Gloria Estefan (01.09.1957.) American singer

Keanu Reeves (02.09.1964.) American actor

Johann Christian Bach (09.05.1735.) German composer

Joseph P. Kennedy (06.09.1888.) The father of President John Kennedy

Queen Elizabeth I (09.07.1533.) Queen of England

Agatha Christie (15.09.1880.) English writer

Oliver Stone (09.15.1945.) American director

Tommy Lee Jones (09.15.1946.) American actor

Greta Garbo (09.18.1905.) American actress

Sophia Loren (20.09.1934.) Italian actress

Aristotle Onassis (09.21.1906.) Greek billionaire

Stephen King (09.21.1947.) American writer

Virgo Daily Horoscope

These days you will live through intense emotional period of life. You will be filled with a lot of energy. The time has come for you to enjoy the beauty of love and passion. Do not resist these positive changes. These changes are a reward for the current effort. Listen to your heart and happiness is inevitable.

Virgo Love Horoscope

The current astral configuration encourages you to organize a surprise party for people you can relax with. Pick up the phone and start calling, today is the perfect day to chase away all troubles with laughter. Create a comfy and warm home atmosphere with a lot of good food for the closest ones. Someone special for you will know how to appreciate that.

Virgo Weekly Horoscope

The astral configuration guarantees excitement and action this week. Leave your lair and run into the world without a care. Keep company of new and exciting people, of different cultural backgrounds and ways of thinking; spice your life with some hot spices. You will feel sexy and others will notice it, the flames inside you will fire up and you will wish to start the adventure of your life. Flirt as much as you want, that is exactly what the doctor orders, but do not hope for establishing deeper connections and do not burden yourself too much with analyzing your actions. Sometimes a kiss is just a kiss and nothing more. A piece of advice to the ones in relationships: Choose an exciting spot or an event and take your partner, you will feel like a fish in water in the energetic and fiery atmosphere, whether it is a Latin dance, a rock gigi or a weekend bicycle race. Spontaneity is your stronger side this week, so join the last minute rafting; it will spice up your love life.

Virgo Monthly Horoscope

You defend your business interests with confidence and actively take part in various negotiations, with not much regard to comments on the side. You refuse to hear about the situations that are not suitable for you or to change your business strategy and mode of operation. You are oriented towards great ideas with realistic probabilities for success. You do not use too many words in love relations; your actions speak enough of your intentions and feelings that overwhelm you. Someone’s presence and a gentle touch of love inspire you and incite noble conduct. You emit positive energy and emotional enthusiasm. You are devoted to fulfilling your obligations and official agendas, but some of your coworkers have different system of values and often change their manner of conduct. There is no reason for someone to influence your professional insecurity. Be wise while making financial transactions and do not let anyone make decisions concerning common goals instead of you. You have more diversified needs than your partner imagines or sees according to your behavior. Romantic mood is overcoming you and you are seeking for an idyllic relationship in which to feel a mutual high. You appear enchanting; do not give up your emotional intentions.
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