Daily Horoscope Scorpio

Horoscope Scorpio

Wednesday 26.09.2018.

Scorpio characteristics

Period: 23.10 to 21:11

Element: Water

Ruling planet: Pluto

Natural position: 8. house

Lucky numbers: 2, 3, 9, 14, 15, 17

Happy Days: Monday, Tuesday and Thursday

Crystals: aquamarine, amethyst, beryl, amethyst, topaz

Metal : iron, red gold

The flower: Geranium

Animals: insects, pets

Motto: I will!

Gender: Female

Color: red and black

Scorpio woman

Determined, passionate, possessive, brave, mysterious, intelligent, intriguing, self-

centered, vain, dignified, boastful, strong, impressive, decisive

Scorpio man

Opinionated, suspicious, cool, disinterested, perceptive, vibrant, generous, loyal,

courageous, passionate and reserved

Scorpio id comatapble with: Taurus, Virgo, Pisces, Cancer

Ideal jobs:

Doctors, researchers, ecologists, managers, engineers, navigators and secret agents

Possible disease:

Genitals, kidneys, lungs, throat


Determined and highly demanding

The emotional and intuitive

The powerful and passionate

Seductive and durable


Forced and persistent

Mysterious and obsessed

Fanatics and vigilantes

Destructive and fighting

Famous Scorpios:

Pablo Picasso (25.10.1881.) Spanish painter

Hillary Rodham Clinton (26.10.1947.) American first lady

Theodore Roosevelt (27.10.1858.) US President

Bill Gates (10.28.1955.) American billionaire

Julia Roberts (28.10. 1967), American actress

Winona Ryder (29.10.1971.) American actress

John Keats (10.31.1795.) English poet

Marie Antoinette (11.02.1755.) Queen of France

Charles Bronson (03.11.1922.) American actor

Dragutin Tadijanović (04.11.1905.) Croatian poet

Marie Sklodowska-Curie (07.11.1867.) Polish chemist

Bram Stoker (11.08.1847.) Irish writer

Katherine Hepburn (08.11.1906.) American actress

Demi Moore (11.11.1962.) American actress

Leonardo DiCaprio (11.11.1974.) American actor

Robert Louis Stevenson (13.11.1850.) Scottish writer

Charles. Prince of Wales (14.11. 1948) English prince

Jodi Foster (19.11.1962.) American actress

Robert F. Kennedy (20th 11.1925.) US Senator

Voltaire (21.11.1694.) French philosopher

Scorpio Daily Horoscope

You want to find out the true meaning of your existence. You do not want to let this feeling dominate during the day. Do not worry too much. The understanding of the life is difficult task. If you can not stop thinking about it than try thinking about your wishes. Our advice is to focus on good thoughts and the answer you need will come by itself.

Scorpio Love Horoscope

You will have to be ready to compromise if you wish that this day goes smoothly and without turmoil. Cool your head and calmly consider all the available options before negotiating a mutually beneficial solution with your partner. The last thing you need today is to firmly hold your way, better meet half way.

Scorpio Weekly Horoscope

This is a good time for significant changes on the personal level, time to surface with a new identity. You may especially focus on your own presentation and on polishing the general impression you leave on others. You will feel easiness in promoting your own interests and you will be able to accomplish the hardest tasks presented with no hardships. You will probably have to correct your optimism before you realize that you have put yourself between a rock and a hard place due to you over enthusiasm that made you set high and unreal goals that could not be achieved completely. There is yet another danger before you, and that is finding yourself in a conflict with someone on the down path who met you while you were on the rise. Have in mind that you can learn a lot from that person if you have a good attitude. Someone who used to be on the top and now is on the way down can provide useful advice for the climbers. Beware on the financial field, do not jump to conclusions.

Scorpio Monthly Horoscope

Some will retreat inside of themselves; some will yearn for the forbidden and the untouchable…Love will resemble loneliness or sacrifice in search for the ideal. Young persons may fall in love with somebody that does not deserve it. Whether it is a crook or a junkie, lazy or a cast off, remember that the scale of values is not balanced at the moment, and that you are not seeing things clearly. The amount of passion you put in will be equal to the unpleasantness of the awakening. You might put everything on the pedestal now, and love is the only thing you trust, but whether it is true love or you are just blinded remains to be seen. The answer will provide itself without a long wait. Unemployed persons have a chance to receive useful piece of information or to develop a private business idea. This month is favorable for contacting senior people in positions, persons in administration or in political parties. All affairs in relation with bureaucracy will run smoothly so you should finish everything that has been on hold. Debts are easier to repay, but are easily created as well. Positive changes may happen during this month, unless you are waiting for them to appear out of nowhere. The first decade of the month opens possibilities for new business projects. Pay attention to your diet. Try to spend more time out of smoky and unaired premises.
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