Daily Horoscope Scorpio

Horoscope Scorpio

Monday 16.07.2018.

Scorpio characteristics

Period: 23.10 to 21:11

Element: Water

Ruling planet: Pluto

Natural position: 8. house

Lucky numbers: 2, 3, 9, 14, 15, 17

Happy Days: Monday, Tuesday and Thursday

Crystals: aquamarine, amethyst, beryl, amethyst, topaz

Metal : iron, red gold

The flower: Geranium

Animals: insects, pets

Motto: I will!

Gender: Female

Color: red and black

Scorpio woman

Determined, passionate, possessive, brave, mysterious, intelligent, intriguing, self-

centered, vain, dignified, boastful, strong, impressive, decisive

Scorpio man

Opinionated, suspicious, cool, disinterested, perceptive, vibrant, generous, loyal,

courageous, passionate and reserved

Scorpio id comatapble with: Taurus, Virgo, Pisces, Cancer

Ideal jobs:

Doctors, researchers, ecologists, managers, engineers, navigators and secret agents

Possible disease:

Genitals, kidneys, lungs, throat


Determined and highly demanding

The emotional and intuitive

The powerful and passionate

Seductive and durable


Forced and persistent

Mysterious and obsessed

Fanatics and vigilantes

Destructive and fighting

Famous Scorpios:

Pablo Picasso (25.10.1881.) Spanish painter

Hillary Rodham Clinton (26.10.1947.) American first lady

Theodore Roosevelt (27.10.1858.) US President

Bill Gates (10.28.1955.) American billionaire

Julia Roberts (28.10. 1967), American actress

Winona Ryder (29.10.1971.) American actress

John Keats (10.31.1795.) English poet

Marie Antoinette (11.02.1755.) Queen of France

Charles Bronson (03.11.1922.) American actor

Dragutin Tadijanović (04.11.1905.) Croatian poet

Marie Sklodowska-Curie (07.11.1867.) Polish chemist

Bram Stoker (11.08.1847.) Irish writer

Katherine Hepburn (08.11.1906.) American actress

Demi Moore (11.11.1962.) American actress

Leonardo DiCaprio (11.11.1974.) American actor

Robert Louis Stevenson (13.11.1850.) Scottish writer

Charles. Prince of Wales (14.11. 1948) English prince

Jodi Foster (19.11.1962.) American actress

Robert F. Kennedy (20th 11.1925.) US Senator

Voltaire (21.11.1694.) French philosopher

Scorpio Daily Horoscope

Unexpected profit or good news about money can encourage you to renovate or decorate your home. You might try painting the walls by yourself or add new decorative details in your home. Although you do not have the means available, fresh flowers, potted plants, pillows or mats can totally revive your living space. You may even decide to buy a new piece of furniture, even a used one. Today, enjoy in your household projects.

Scorpio Love Horoscope

You will find yourself at a crossroads between the practical and emotional side caused by a lack of time. You are going to wish to spend more time with your partner although waiting to be finished by the end of the day. Put the good and the useful under one roof. Suggest to your partner to do the necessary work together, join your forces and do something useful and creative. You will be rewarded with satisfaction by the end of the day.

Scorpio Weekly Horoscope

You will be open and communicative at the beginning of the week and you will feel good about handful of new contacts in your life. You will probably feel a need to socialize with a bit eccentric people who live passionately on the edges, following their dreams. That kind of company will make you livelier and open to life, although otherwise you couldn’t be considered to belong to a group of people living on the margins. You will enter the sensual phase in the middle of the week; and you will not miss charm and magnetism. Although you like the idea of people revolving around you, getting attached to someone special does not sound that much appealing. You will feel free as a bird circling around the whole flock, without wishing to belong to no one’s nest. If you are involved, you will definitely require more space for you, so gently inspire your partner to find their own interests so that they won’t feel left alone. A tense situation will finally be resolved at work and you will be relieved.

Scorpio Monthly Horoscope

Throw away sadness, guilt and mourning. Allow yourself to lose control, to have fun and to let your heart blow some steam off. Saturn will bring you moderation, rigidity and limits. This acquires waiting and accepting while bringing exhaustion, suffering and pain. There is a time for everything, for joy and sadness as well. You will sure not avoid responsibility, but if the suffering continues without a channel to make a balance, you will fall ill. If you are married, the following period will test your will strength and patience. If you are entering into marriage, you will need a lot of wisdom in the future. If you are delaying marriage, it points to something that has more wisdom than yourself; it is protecting and guarding you from the trouble you might bring on to yourself. Younger persons are standing before a realization of a relationship that is being idealized. Infatuation may become disappointment. Some of you will be ready to go to war to bring down the totalitarian and bureaucratic system. Bear in mind that everything needs structure, first give form to your plans and act afterwards. You will have problems with discipline, being late, with responsibility and conditioning. Frustration will be drawn from loading. You may feel suppressed which will lead to anger with a destructive tendency. Throw away the unnecessary limitations and maturely take over the controls of your life into your own hands. Your somatic problems are caused by stress, nervousness, tension, anger and other negative emotions.
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