Daily Horoscope Sagittarius

Horoscope Sagittarius

Monday 16.07.2018.

Sagittarius characteristics

Period: 22.11 to 21.12

Element: Fire

Ruling planet: The Jupiter

Natural position: 9th House

Lucky numbers: 3, 4, 8, 9, 15, 17, 31

Happy Days: Monday, Thursday and Sunday

Crystals: Amethyst, magnesite, tiger's eye, turquoise, topaz, epidote

Metal: Pewter

Flower: Carnation

Animals: horses

Motto: I get it!

Gender: Male

Color: purple and dark blue

Sagittarius women:

Optimist, noble, religious, enthusiastic, childish, impractical, stubborn, visionary,

romantic, unpredictable

Sagittarius man

Idealist, enthusiast, pompous, curious, optimistic, practical, honest, promiscuous

Sagittarius is compatable with: Sagittarius, Capricorn or Lions

Ideal jobs:

Guides, researchers, professors, photographers, ambassadors, merchants, adventurers

Possible diseases:

Liver, stomach, circulation, hips


Optimists and freelancers

Cheerful and entertainment

Sincere and enthusiastic

Intellectuals and philosophers


Too optimistic and careless

Irresponsible and superficial

Tactless and boastful

The naive and vain

The famous Sagittarius people:

Charles De Gaulle (22/11/1890). French President

John F. Kennedy Jr. (25.11.1960.) Son of J. F. Kennedy

Tina Turner (26.11.1938.) American singer

Caroline Kennedy (27.11.1956.) Daughter of J. F. Kennedy

Bruce Lee (27.11.1940.) American actor

William Blake (28.11.1757.) English poet

Mark Twain (11.30.1835.) American writer

Winston Churchill (30.11.1874.) Negleski Prime Minister

Walt Disney (12.05.1901.) American director and animator

Kirk Douglas (09.12.1916.) American actor. Director

Frank Sinatra (12.12.1915.) American actor

Michel de Notre Dame 'Nostradamus' (14.12.1503.) French astrologer

Ludwig von Beethoven (12.16.1770.) German composer

Jane Austen (12.16.1775.) English writer

Steven Spielberg (18.12. 1946) American director

Brad Pitt (18.12.1963.) American actor

Jane Fonda (21.12.1937.) American actress

Sagittarius Daily Horoscope

You still feel the lack of energy. You do not want to be alone today. You feel eagerness for casual gatherings with acquaintances and work colleagues. Socializing will help you to rejuvenate your spirit. Friends will trigger your creativity. Conversation will help you to feel better and will brighten the day. Indulge yourself.

Sagittarius Love Horoscope

An intriguing conversation with a very special person may lead you to the next phase. It will fill you with tangible warmth and gratitude for the little things in life. You will realize that you feel much better in the company of that person and simply wonder how come you haven’t realized how much good life actually is. You will also see that you inspire each other to do great things.

Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope

You will be focused on private dilemmas and issues from the past. It is time to come to the front and openly express your feelings towards those issues. However, do not let the past problems lead you to feeling guilt, because they are long past their purpose and value. Thinking about the past in order to extract conclusions for the future is worthy, on the other hand. This is also a benevolent period for rethinking, silent contemplation and meditation. Do not strive too much for predetermined and hardly achieved goals because failing in achieving them will influence you negatively. You might become aware of your limitations by the end of the week, whether it is a mental, physical, emotional or even financial barrier. It will slow you down and worry you, but that feeling will pass while opening new possibilities for progress. You will seek for love comfort and support and you will probably get it. You will know to appreciate it and be grateful.

Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope

You will have your plate full all month long, it will be very hard and demanding in any aspect. You will become more serious, responsible and you will emotionally strive towards stability and old, traditional values in human relationships with people you care for. You will strive for an honest relationship which can secure certainty and material satisfaction. You will try to elevate your current relationship to a higher level because you will neither have nor the need nor the wish for a radical change at this time. You would rather accept the situation as is and try to deepen and strengthen your relationship with the partner. In the middle of the month you may expect a call from an old flame, and if you are single you may renew some emotional tale from the past. Situation is dynamic at work, requests laid before you are demanding and for many things the burden of responsibility is on your shoulders. You may especially experience that in the middle of the month when you will feel a burst of dissatisfaction and wish to take a vacation to catch a breath. You are not satisfied with work conditions nor with relations with colleagues, which additionally wears you out. S will get better by the end of the month and you will find it easier to bear with current obligations and you will wish to spend more time with your friends and people you love. Pay attention to your kidneys, bones and throat. Your immunity will have a negative spike in the middle of the month, so beware of infections.
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