Daily Horoscope Sagittarius

Horoscope Sagittarius

Wednesday 23.05.2018.

Sagittarius characteristics

Period: 22.11 to 21.12

Element: Fire

Ruling planet: The Jupiter

Natural position: 9th House

Lucky numbers: 3, 4, 8, 9, 15, 17, 31

Happy Days: Monday, Thursday and Sunday

Crystals: Amethyst, magnesite, tiger's eye, turquoise, topaz, epidote

Metal: Pewter

Flower: Carnation

Animals: horses

Motto: I get it!

Gender: Male

Color: purple and dark blue

Sagittarius women:

Optimist, noble, religious, enthusiastic, childish, impractical, stubborn, visionary,

romantic, unpredictable

Sagittarius man

Idealist, enthusiast, pompous, curious, optimistic, practical, honest, promiscuous

Sagittarius is compatable with: Sagittarius, Capricorn or Lions

Ideal jobs:

Guides, researchers, professors, photographers, ambassadors, merchants, adventurers

Possible diseases:

Liver, stomach, circulation, hips


Optimists and freelancers

Cheerful and entertainment

Sincere and enthusiastic

Intellectuals and philosophers


Too optimistic and careless

Irresponsible and superficial

Tactless and boastful

The naive and vain

The famous Sagittarius people:

Charles De Gaulle (22/11/1890). French President

John F. Kennedy Jr. (25.11.1960.) Son of J. F. Kennedy

Tina Turner (26.11.1938.) American singer

Caroline Kennedy (27.11.1956.) Daughter of J. F. Kennedy

Bruce Lee (27.11.1940.) American actor

William Blake (28.11.1757.) English poet

Mark Twain (11.30.1835.) American writer

Winston Churchill (30.11.1874.) Negleski Prime Minister

Walt Disney (12.05.1901.) American director and animator

Kirk Douglas (09.12.1916.) American actor. Director

Frank Sinatra (12.12.1915.) American actor

Michel de Notre Dame 'Nostradamus' (14.12.1503.) French astrologer

Ludwig von Beethoven (12.16.1770.) German composer

Jane Austen (12.16.1775.) English writer

Steven Spielberg (18.12. 1946) American director

Brad Pitt (18.12.1963.) American actor

Jane Fonda (21.12.1937.) American actress

Sagittarius Daily Horoscope

People around you will support your ideas today. No one will criticize you. You have the gift of persuasion. Turn it to your advantage. Today is suitable time for gathering support for your new project in the business plan. Run a charity or voluntary actions in the neighborhood.

Sagittarius Love Horoscope

Both you and your partner should pay special attention to your relationship today. That is good and useful, being that there probably are some issues to be taken from beneath the carpet and solved. Do not forget to leave some space for leisure time in the meantime, no matter if that would be just a simple crossword solving or a drive to your favorite rendezvous point.

Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope

The position of the planets will take you to a surreal world of imagination and intuition. You will feel as if being in a beautiful dream from which you don’t want to wake up. Use your current creativity to the maximum because brilliant ideas may develop from this psychedelic phase which will make you famous during the realistic period. Yet, be careful with daydreaming. Life is not a fairytale, closing your eyes before the cruel reality might bring headaches later, especially in the professional area. In love life, you are in your element. This is the perfect time to focus just on you two. Completely devote yourself to your partner, to the mystical and seductive intimate moments and awake the butterflies in your stomach. Write love poetry and recite it to your loved one in the intimacy of home which will incite tenderness and take your relationship to another level. If you are single, you may count on a lot of interest by potential fascinating candidates cut by your measures because you will be enchanting on your floating cloud.

Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope

If you are single, you will fall under the influence of a strong willed person, full of enthusiasm, enterprise, with a theatrical and competitive nature. This person could simply over run you with their energy if you let them. You find yourself at unstable grounds, so passionate actions have two ends. The other end is always connected with jealousy and confrontations caused by possessive and violent tendencies. Avoid late nights out and approaches by persons you do not know. This especially relates to teenagers born in this sign. One should beware of dangerous people and situations that even merely insinuate the possibility for violence. Those in marriages are not satisfied, but they should have known that there were no guarantees that there would not be temptations in marriage. Now is the time to make compromises and to understand that life is not a straight line. Otherwise, serious problems might occur. You are confronted by impatient and hot spurred persons who react very rapturously. That may present itself as a great problem. You need to learn to yield because it is not going to be important who is right but what your ultimate goal is. Remember that you are weaker now, and that you are not capable to encounter the circumstances that are presented. Find inspiration in talking to educated and merry people and in doing something pleasurable. Now is the time to forget the values you have been imposing lately; destroy them and move forward. Tension, nervousness and stress lead to not caring and to energy surge that causes illnesses.
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