Daily Horoscope Pisces

Horoscope Pisces

Wednesday 23.05.2018.

Pisces characteristics:

Period: 19.02 to 20.03

Element: Water

Ruler: Neptune

Natural position: 12 house

Lucky Numbers: 4, 5, 9, 26, 39

Happy Days: Monday and Thursday

Crystals: aquamarine, amethyst, white quartz, diamond

Metal: titanium, tin, bronze

Flower: Rose

Animal: Fish

Motto: I hope so!

Gender: Female

Color: water-green, gray-blue

Pisces woman

Sacrificial, sympathetic, melancholy, shy, mysterious, anxious, uncertain, dreamer,


Pisces man

Phlegmatic, hesitant, ambitious, tenacious, durable, romantic, sentimental, sensitive,


Pisces is compatable with: Capricorn, Taurus, Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces

Ideal jobs:

Veterinarians, biologists, artists, doctors, musicians, psychologists, media

Possible diseases:

The nervous system, blood pressure, heart, lungs, lymph


Delicate and rich fantasy

Compassionate and benevolent

Unselfish and peaceful

Intuitive and sympathetic


Idealists and unsafe

Mysterious and ambiguous

Meant weak and easily impressionable

Envious and insidious

The Famous Pisces:

Ranko Marinkovic (22.02.1913.) Croatian writer

George Washington (02.22.1732.) The first president of the United States

Drew Barrymore (22.02. 1975) m actress

Pierre Renoir (25.02.1841.) French painter

Camille Flammarion (26.02.1842.) French astronomer

Victor Hugo (02.26.1802.) French writer

Elizabeth Taylor (27.02.1932.) American actress

Nicolaus Copernicus (28.02.1473.) Polish astronomer

Mikhail Gorbachev (2.03.1931.) Soviet President

Elizabeth Barrett Browning (3.03.1806.) English writer

Alexander Graham Bell (3.03.1903.) American inventor

Maurice Ravel (7.03.1875.) French composer

Mato Lovrak (8.03.1899.) Croatian writer

Albert Einstein (14.03.1879.) German scientist

Michaelangelo Buonarroti (15.03.1475.) Italian sculptor

Jerry Lewis (16.03.1926.) American actor

Nat King Cole (03.17.1919.) American singer

Sir Richard Burton (19.03.1821.) English explorer

Bruce Willis (19.03.1955.) American actor

Petar Preradovic (03.19.1818.) Croatian poet

Pisces Daily Horoscope

Today you will get some news from home. Family situation will distract your mind from work. It can be a relocation or just remodeling. Indulge yourself, rearrange, organize and inspire your home. You will notice how your energy rises in accordance with the new atmosphere in the house. It will have a revitalizing effect on you.

Pisces Love Horoscope

Usually, it is important for the quality of love life to be present and calm in the moment, concentrated on your partner without wandering in other spheres of the daily life. Alas, today is such a day that you could overdo it while practical chances lurk behind the corner. Do not let love completely blind you to the point that you miss those chances.

Pisces Weekly Horoscope

Your intuition will be significantly sharpened at the beginning of the week and you will gain insight in how you really want to resolve the newly occurring situations. You have gained a powerful gift; you will be able to use your instincts as radar that warns you to possible dangers as well as to potential opportunities that present themselves. You will be able to remove all the doubts and unclear situations just by listening to your inner voice, especially in the part of reading people and finding out what to expect from your environment. The middle of the week will be especially effective at the workplace, you will be completely occupied and motivated by engaging in complex tasks on a high mental level, but you will at the same time neglect your emotional intelligence. Be careful of the tone you use in establishing verbal communication and mind your non-verbal effect on people, of which you are probably unaware, and you might leave a wrong impression.

Pisces Monthly Horoscope

You appear decisive in your attentions and the knowledge of the support by your surroundings for your ideas encourages you. New knowledge will have positive effect on your professional orientation. You are able to evaluate favorable business situation and to produce a good presentation for your coworkers. Pay attention to a possibility of entering a partnership for a long term period. You can sense that you find yourself at an emotional crossroads, carefully analyze your partner or a person you like. Love events that you are sensing have an unusual appeal and they fill you up with positive mood and enthusiasm. Emotional harmony represents the finest reflection of the intimate happiness that follows you. You are keen on diversifying professional interests, but there are situations that require additional efforts. It seems that you are losing precious time and energy listening to your coworkers’ ideas that have no perspective. Be realistic; accept jobs for which you possess knowledge and experience. You cannot remain indifferent to someone’s presence or influence, some of your actions and acts reveal your intentions more than you think. You are losing emotional control easily. After a meeting with one person, it will become clear to you where have you made mistakes in past love expectations.
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