Daily Horoscope Libra

Horoscope Libra

Wednesday 23.05.2018.

Libra Characteristics

Period: 23:09 to 22:10

Element: Air

Ruling planet: The Venus

Natural position: 7th House

Lucky numbers: 5, 6, 10, 13, 16, 18

Happy Days: Monday and Friday

Crystals: white quartz, lapis lazuli, coral, opal, petrified wood, topaz

Metal: Copper, bronze

Flower: Hydrangea

Animals: lizards

Motto: I am balancing!

Gender: Female

Color: light blue, pink

Libra woman

Social, cooperative, peaceful, busybodies, creative, snobs, diplomats, tolerant, vain,

drawn, slow

Libra man

Charming, friendly, communicative, witty, curious, unreliable

Libra is compatable with: Aquarians, Gemini or Libra

Ideal jobs:

Diplomats, judges, PR, counselors, psychologists, artists

Possible diseases:

The kidneys, endocrine system


Diplomats and aesthetes

Romantic and enchanting

Relaxed and social

Idealistic and peaceful


Indecisive and changeable

Credulous and impressionable

Impatient and narcissistic

Superficial and critical

The Famous Libras:

Michael Douglas (09.25.1944.) American actor

Catherine Zeta Jones (25.09.1969.) Actress

T. S. Elliot (26.09.1888.) English poet

Pope Paul VI (09.26.1897.) Pope

Bridget Bardot (09.29.1934.) French actress

Julie Andrews (10.01.1935.) American actress

Mohandas Gandhi (02.10.1869.) Indian leaders

John Lennon (09.10.1940.) English musician

Eleanor Roosevelt (10.11.1884.) American first lady

Luciano Pavarotti (12.10.1935.) Italian opera singer

Oscar Wilde (15.10.1856.) Irish writer

Pele (10.23.1940.) Brazilian football legend

Michael Crichton (23.10.1942.) American writer

Libra Daily Horoscope

You are not very active today. You know exactly what to do, but you have no motivation. Whatever you start, something or somebody gets in your way. You feel like the whole world is conspiring against you. You can do anything you imagine. Therefore try to keep up with your plans and do not let yourself be distracted.

Libra Love Horoscope

Be prepared for strong signals that may come your way, they will be so powerful that you won’t be able to ignore them. Someone will circle around you like a dog around the bone and you will not wish to push them away. Although you are more attracted to persons with a more subtle approach, the chemistry between you will seem irresistible.

Libra Weekly Horoscope

Revelation of emotion and intimacy is expected in the love field this week. You are usually a very careful person when it comes to emotional exposure, but this period will be ruled by your heart, and not by your mind. You will finally be able to tell your loved one how much you really care for them. On the other hand, be careful not to lose yourself in the partner’s orbit because you tend to be addicted to love at the moment. If you are single, be careful in choosing a partner, because you are prone to loving a wounded bird in this period, and act as a savior, which is not the best solution to start a romance. You will probably feel sleepy and exhausted by the end of the week; sleep and resting with a good book or a film would come in handy. You literally put on the rubber gloves on and start the general cleaning during the weekend. Turn your place upside down and throw out all old books and items that have been occupying your space in the past, wipe the dust from the shelves and symbolically from your emotions and be ready for a fresh start.

Libra Monthly Horoscope

Some will retreat inside of themselves; some will yearn for the forbidden and the untouchable…Love will resemble loneliness or sacrifice in search for the ideal. Young persons may fall in love with somebody that does not deserve it. Whether it is a crook or a junkie, lazy or a cast off, remember that the scale of values is not balanced at the moment, and that you are not seeing things clearly. The amount of passion you put in will be equal to the unpleasantness of the awakening. You might put everything on the pedestal now, and love is the only thing you trust, but whether it is true love or you are just blinded remains to be seen. The answer will provide itself without a long wait. Unemployed persons have a chance to receive useful piece of information or to develop a private business idea. This month is favorable for contacting senior people in positions, persons in administration or in political parties. All affairs in relation with bureaucracy will run smoothly so you should finish everything that has been on hold. Debts are easier to repay, but are easily created as well. Positive changes may happen during this month, unless you are waiting for them to appear out of nowhere. The first decade of the month opens possibilities for new business projects. Pay attention to your diet. Try to spend more time out of smoky and unaired premises.
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