Daily Horoscope Leo

Horoscope Leo

Wednesday 26.09.2018.

Leo Characteristics

Period: 23.07 to 22.08

Element: Fire

Ruling planet: The Sun

Natural position: 5. house

Lucky Numbers: 1, 2, 9, 11, 16, 22

Happy Days: Friday, Saturday and Sunday,

Crystals: amber, rock crystal, onyx, raukvars, tourmaline

Metal: Gold

Flower: Lily

Animals: lion, all wild cats

Motto: I will!

Gender: Male

Color: gold, silver

Leo woman

Feminine, confident, cheerful, dobroduna, narcissistic, picky, snob, devoted

Leo man

Opinionated, loud, dominant, childish, idealistic, creative, fun, conceited, dignified,


Leo is compatable with: Lions, Libra, Sagittarius or Aries

Ideal jobs:

Managers, architects, inventors, teachers, athletes, leaders

Possible disease:

The heart, blood pressure, spine, joints


Generous and kind

Creators and enthusiasts

Bold and creative

Loyal and peaceful


Arrogant and povlaštavajući

Arrogant and narcissistic

Intolerant and "always right"

Proud and self-centered

The famous lions:

Jennifer Lopez (24.07.1970.) American singer

Bernard Shaw (26.07.1856.) Irish writer

Beatrix Potter (28.07.1866.) English writer

Jacqueline Onassis (07.28.1929.) American first lady

Henry Ford (30.07.1863.) American innovator

Arnold Schwarzenegger (07.30.1947.) American actor

Neil Armstrong (08.05.1930.) American astronaut

LordTennyson (08.06.1809.) English poet

Ivan Mažuranić (11.08.1814.) Croatian ban and poet

Alfred Hitchcock (13.08.1899.) American director

Fidel Castro (13.08.1927.) Cuba's prime minister

Napoleon Bonaparte (08.15.1769.) French emperor

Madonna Ciccone (16.08.1958.) American singer

Orville Wright (08.19.1871.) American inventor

Bill Clinton (19.08.1946.) US President

Deng Xiaoping (08.22.1904.) Chinese Premier

Leo Daily Horoscope

This is a day for creativity and art. You will take an interest in visual arts Today. Visit the exhibition or try painting or drawing. Try to do interior design, sewing, crocheting. You might find inspiration in the careful cooking or preparing meals. You have many great ideas inside of you. Now is the time to let them out.

Leo Love Horoscope

Your seductive powers are extremely strong today, and you will be able to attract your present or future partner with incredible easiness. Be careful how you use your irresistible charm that is enveloping you as a fateful capsule. A wish for personal win and a success of conquer may cloud your mind so far that you do not think about the consequences. That should not be your priority today.

Leo Weekly Horoscope

If you do not feel on the peak of your powers yet, be patient for a few days more and the stars will bless you with that beautiful gift. At the beginning of the week, you will still be uncertain of your own wishes and goals, you will confuse your own needs with the needs of other people, and you will not be completely successful in making those opposites work. At the middle of the week, your hard work will finally pay off and the truth about you and your potentials will finally come to light. You will be transformed in the eyes of the people that surround you; they will finally see you for what you are and to know to appreciate that. You will finally be able to materialize your efforts and reach the people that care for you which will set you free. You will feel as you finally breathe with full capacity and you will be able to act completely sincerely with your close ones, because they will understand you. Your love field will flourish at the end of the week when your sincerity and open heart culminates. Embrace everything that life has to offer because it will set your mind and soul free.

Leo Monthly Horoscope

You will have your plate full all month long, it will be very hard and demanding in any aspect. You will become more serious, responsible and you will emotionally strive towards stability and old, traditional values in human relationships with people you care for. You will strive for an honest relationship which can secure certainty and material satisfaction. You will try to elevate your current relationship to a higher level because you will neither have nor the need nor the wish for a radical change at this time. You would rather accept the situation as is and try to deepen and strengthen your relationship with the partner. In the middle of the month you may expect a call from an old flame, and if you are single you may renew some emotional tale from the past. Situation is dynamic at work, requests laid before you are demanding and for many things the burden of responsibility is on your shoulders. You may especially experience that in the middle of the month when you will feel a burst of dissatisfaction and wish to take a vacation to catch a breath. You are not satisfied with work conditions nor with relations with colleagues, which additionally wears you out. S will get better by the end of the month and you will find it easier to bear with current obligations and you will wish to spend more time with your friends and people you love. Pay attention to your kidneys, bones and throat. Your immunity will have a negative spike in the middle of the month, so beware of infections.
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