Daily Horoscope Gemini

Horoscope Gemini

Wednesday 23.05.2018.

Gemini characteristics:

Period: 21.05 to 20.06

Element: Air

Ruling planet: the Mercury

Natural position: 3 house

Lucky Numbers: 6, 7, 10, 22, 26

Happy Days: Wednesdays and Fridays

The crystals: agate, petrified wood, tiger's eye, epidote

Metal: Mercury, platinum, aluminum

Flower: Lily of the Valley

Animal: Small birds, butterflies

Motto: I think!

Gender: Male

Color: yellow variations

The Gemini woman

Unpredictable, social, calculated, cunning, rational, practical, individual

The Gemini man

Talkative, intelligent, interested, uncertain

The Gemini is compatable with: Lions, Libra, Aquarians or Gemini

Ideal jobs:

Researchers, writers, marketers, translators, publishers, managers

Possible diseases:

Lungs, bronchi, rheumatism, nervous system


Agile and flexible

Communicative and resourceful

The intellectual and talkative

Skilled and lively


Nervous and tense

The superficial and fickle

Cunning and inquisitive

Suspicious and unbelieving

The Famous Geminis:

Richard Wagner (22 05.1813). German composer

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (22 05.1859.) English writer

Bob Dylan (24 05.1941.) American singer

Bob Hope (29 05.1904.) American actor

John F. Kennedy (29th 05.1917.) US President

Vladimir Nazor (30.05.1876.) Croatian writer

Clint Eastwood (30.05.1930.) American actor

Marilyn Monroe (1.06.1926.) American actress

Angelina Jolie (4.06.1975.) American actress and singer

Aleksandr Pushkin (6.06.1799.) Russian poet

Thomas Mann (6.06.1875.) German writer

Anna Kournikova (7.06.1981.) Tennis player

Judy Garland (10.06.1922.) American actress

William Butler Yeats (06.13.1865.) Irish poet

Antun Gustav Matos (06.13.1873.) Croatian poet

Steffi Graf (14.06.1969.) Tennis player

Nicole Kidman (20.06.1967.) American actress

Gemini Daily Horoscope

It seems that there is not enough time for anything Today. You feel like everything around you is running in incredible speed and that you go behind and do not arrive anywhere. Do not be afraid. Stop for a moment and gather the thoughts on what is important. Turn your mental powers and the time will slowly decelerate.

Gemini Love Horoscope

You can hardly wait to make a break from your professional and domestic obligations and spend some time with your loved one. However, you will relax more and enjoy quality time with your better half after completing the entire chorus waiting for you. On the opposite, you will constantly turn one eye to the unfinished tasks, and your absence will be noticed by your partner.

Gemini Weekly Horoscope

Be careful at work at the beginning of the week, thoroughly check the documents that leave your hands and watch for mistakes that could slip through and cost you a lot. You will have to be quick and very effective in the middle of the week if you don’t want to miss any chances, even if it means being a bit superficial. Rather finish all that is required with less attention to some tasks than leave a part of the work unfinished, because precision will not be valued this week. Not everything is rocket science; sometimes you have to have a blind eye in executing routine tasks. A pleasant family gathering is expected at the end of the week, widen that circle with your best friends and you will have everything a person desires at one place at the same time. As far as love situation is concerned, try to maintain your relationship stable, because old flames are lurking around this week and they could be manifested by a physical appearance of some of your old love. Reject the temptation of trying old shoes.

Gemini Monthly Horoscope

Your mysterious and obscure behavior along with not being available and retrieving into yourself may lead to a number of misunderstandings. If you have gone through a breakup because you were too proud, and your heart is wounded, remember that you might have overreacted and that there is always the other side of the coin. Most often, you are able to see only one side and believe in it with your whole heart. After a while, the circumstances might turn around and you will believe in to something completely the opposite without noticing that you are being contradictory in every aspect. Everything that has a tendency go to the extreme will eventually turn into its opposite. The only thing sure is that a secret relationship will not make you happy. For what it’s worth you will not suffer for long. Soon enough, there will be new contacts, new crossroads and new roads ahead. You are smart, open and flexible. Use your advantages in the second half of May and leave your past behind you. There is a tendency for wearing yourself out, especially if your occupation is not static. Positive attitude may help you overcome physical exhaustion or bad health state. You need to concentrate and coordinate all your activities towards your health, to your daily routine and career. Do not be too hard on yourself; just take action in the amount necessary to get you to a state of general improvement. Concerning your daily routine, organize yourself in a manner that enables you to be as effective as possible, by taking care of the acute priority problems. Health is surprisingly good.
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