Daily Horoscope Capricorn

Horoscope Capricorn

Tuesday 13.11.2018.

Capricorn Characteristics:

Period: 22.12 to 19.01

Element: Earth

Ruling planet: Saturn

Natural position: 10 house

Lucky Numbers: 3, 5, 8,14, 19

Happy Days: Wednesdays and Saturdays

Crystals: grossular garnet, garnet, onyx, obsidian, hematite

Metal: Lead

Flower: Ivy, pansy

Animal: Goat

Motto: I use!

Gender: Female

Color: black, brown, blue

Capricorn woman

Cold, ambitious, creative, analytical, distrustful

Capricorn man

Dominant, conservative, inhibited, resentful, ambitious, serious, stubbornly,

contradictory, valuable, childish

Capricorn is compatable with: Pisces, Taurus or Virgo

Ideal jobs:

Generali, administrators, ministers, managers, developers, engineers

Possible diseases:

Bones, heart, blood pressure, anemia


Practical and smart

Diligent and disciplined

Patient and considerate

Cheerful and enterprising


The pessimists and fatalists

Stingy and jealous

Booked and jealous

Capricious and stubborn

The Famous Capricorns:

Henry Miller (26.12.1891.) American writer

Mao Tse-tung (26.12.1893.) Chinese President

Louis Pasteur (27.12.1822.) French scientist

Denzel Washington (28.12.1954.) American actor

Miroslav Krleža (29.12.1893.) Croatian writer

Rudyard Kipling (30.12.1865.) English writer

Anthony Hopkins (31.12.1937.) Actor

Henri Emile Benoît Matisse (31.12.1869.) French painter

Marija Juric Zagorka (1.01.1873.) Croatian writer

Joseph Stalin (2.01.1880.) Chairman of the USSR

Diane Lane (2.01.1965.) American actress

J.R.R. Tolkien (3.01.1892.) English writer

Mel Gibson (3.01.1956.) American actor

Sir Isaac Newton (5.01.1642.) English physicist

Johannes Kepler (6.01.1571.) German astronomer

Elvis Presley (8.01.1935.) American singer

Stephen Hawking (8.01.1942.) Physicist;

Richard Nixon (9.01.1913.) US President

Dobrisa Cesaric (10.01.1902.) Croatian poet

Jack London (01.12.1876.) American writer

Martin Luther King (01.15.1929.) Fighter for human rights

Mohammed Ali (01.17.1942.) Boxing star

Kevin Costner (18.01.1955.) American actor

Capricorn Daily Horoscope

Today is the day for collecting in the field of human relations. If you think that it is enough to send greetings or buy something for people around you to cheer them up, you are wrong. Your loved ones need your time and attention today.

Capricorn Love Horoscope

You might endanger your love relationship with separation and lack of emotions. You have pushed your emotional self aside on the behalf of the practical and professional which is taking all of your attention. However, during the day, you will encounter your old emotions from the past which will help you regain intimacy with your partner and avoid alienation.

Capricorn Weekly Horoscope

A desire you have been yearning for may come true during this week, enjoy that gift and do not forget to thank the stars. In the middle of the week, your intuition will thrive and you can finally rely on your sixth sense in making decisions. As the week is coming to its end, you will feel more on the defensive and closed for accepting someone other’s opinion. Your stubbornness will be a problem if you don’t put up an effort in making compromises with other people. Be open to acknowledge that someone around you has greater experience than yourself, you cannot know everything best all the time. Your finances may ambush you on Sunday if you don’t come around and have second thoughts on the necessity of buying all those expensive trinkets from the shopping mall. Perhaps your inner peace and welfare is more important when the credit card bill comes to due pay. Be moderate in spending when you get close to zero on your account if you wish to avoid headaches.

Capricorn Monthly Horoscope

You are feeling content because new data are circling in the business scene, and you recognize possible gain or success. It is important to you to look ersuasive in front of your associates that doubt your professional and organizational skills. Do not allow yourself to lose someone’s trust due to petty interests and beginners mistakes. Plan carefully your every move. You are feeling a new emotional high which makes you want to fulfill your intentions disregarding the occasional misunderstanding by your environment. Your partner is oriented in a different way and seems insecure, but they believe in your good intentions. Maintain your optimism and self-confidence. You cannot expect that someone will adopt your life vision and accept your needs if you are not setting a good example. According with your perfectionist’s demands, you seem worried on account of someone’s comments, although first impressions may be wrong. It is necessary to proficiently adjust to the new business models and remain consistent in your intentions. Never lose optimism and strong will. Use your strongest sides in dealings with associates. You have an impression that your partner goes over some important events way too easy. Sometimes different points of view on things and events may lead to a break up, but also to create new opportunity for emotional bonding. Anything can be overcome well and come through with your loved one around. Find the right dose of wisdom, emotions and passion to lead you to a mutual love solution.
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