Daily Horoscope Capricorn

Horoscope Capricorn

Wednesday 23.05.2018.

Capricorn Characteristics:

Period: 22.12 to 19.01

Element: Earth

Ruling planet: Saturn

Natural position: 10 house

Lucky Numbers: 3, 5, 8,14, 19

Happy Days: Wednesdays and Saturdays

Crystals: grossular garnet, garnet, onyx, obsidian, hematite

Metal: Lead

Flower: Ivy, pansy

Animal: Goat

Motto: I use!

Gender: Female

Color: black, brown, blue

Capricorn woman

Cold, ambitious, creative, analytical, distrustful

Capricorn man

Dominant, conservative, inhibited, resentful, ambitious, serious, stubbornly,

contradictory, valuable, childish

Capricorn is compatable with: Pisces, Taurus or Virgo

Ideal jobs:

Generali, administrators, ministers, managers, developers, engineers

Possible diseases:

Bones, heart, blood pressure, anemia


Practical and smart

Diligent and disciplined

Patient and considerate

Cheerful and enterprising


The pessimists and fatalists

Stingy and jealous

Booked and jealous

Capricious and stubborn

The Famous Capricorns:

Henry Miller (26.12.1891.) American writer

Mao Tse-tung (26.12.1893.) Chinese President

Louis Pasteur (27.12.1822.) French scientist

Denzel Washington (28.12.1954.) American actor

Miroslav Krleža (29.12.1893.) Croatian writer

Rudyard Kipling (30.12.1865.) English writer

Anthony Hopkins (31.12.1937.) Actor

Henri Emile Benoît Matisse (31.12.1869.) French painter

Marija Juric Zagorka (1.01.1873.) Croatian writer

Joseph Stalin (2.01.1880.) Chairman of the USSR

Diane Lane (2.01.1965.) American actress

J.R.R. Tolkien (3.01.1892.) English writer

Mel Gibson (3.01.1956.) American actor

Sir Isaac Newton (5.01.1642.) English physicist

Johannes Kepler (6.01.1571.) German astronomer

Elvis Presley (8.01.1935.) American singer

Stephen Hawking (8.01.1942.) Physicist;

Richard Nixon (9.01.1913.) US President

Dobrisa Cesaric (10.01.1902.) Croatian poet

Jack London (01.12.1876.) American writer

Martin Luther King (01.15.1929.) Fighter for human rights

Mohammed Ali (01.17.1942.) Boxing star

Kevin Costner (18.01.1955.) American actor

Capricorn Daily Horoscope

Astral configuration gives you creativety today. Call your kindred spirits in the field of hobby or other creative activities. Today, you can discover and find yourself. These innovative and artistically gifted people are already part of your life. You simply need to contact them to enjoy together. Share ideas and reap the benefits of this cooperation.

Capricorn Love Horoscope

The current astral configuration encourages you to organize a surprise party for people you can relax with. Pick up the phone and start calling, today is the perfect day to chase away all troubles with laughter. Create a comfy and warm home atmosphere with a lot of good food for the closest ones. Someone special for you will know how to appreciate that.

Capricorn Weekly Horoscope

You will be focused on private dilemmas and issues from the past. It is time to come to the front and openly express your feelings towards those issues. However, do not let the past problems lead you to feeling guilt, because they are long past their purpose and value. Thinking about the past in order to extract conclusions for the future is worthy, on the other hand. This is also a benevolent period for rethinking, silent contemplation and meditation. Do not strive too much for predetermined and hardly achieved goals because failing in achieving them will influence you negatively. You might become aware of your limitations by the end of the week, whether it is a mental, physical, emotional or even financial barrier. It will slow you down and worry you, but that feeling will pass while opening new possibilities for progress. You will seek for love comfort and support and you will probably get it. You will know to appreciate it and be grateful.

Capricorn Monthly Horoscope

You defend your business interests with confidence and actively take part in various negotiations, with not much regard to comments on the side. You refuse to hear about the situations that are not suitable for you or to change your business strategy and mode of operation. You are oriented towards great ideas with realistic probabilities for success. You do not use too many words in love relations; your actions speak enough of your intentions and feelings that overwhelm you. Someone’s presence and a gentle touch of love inspire you and incite noble conduct. You emit positive energy and emotional enthusiasm. You are devoted to fulfilling your obligations and official agendas, but some of your coworkers have different system of values and often change their manner of conduct. There is no reason for someone to influence your professional insecurity. Be wise while making financial transactions and do not let anyone make decisions concerning common goals instead of you. You have more diversified needs than your partner imagines or sees according to your behavior. Romantic mood is overcoming you and you are seeking for an idyllic relationship in which to feel a mutual high. You appear enchanting; do not give up your emotional intentions.
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