Daily Horoscope Aquarius

Horoscope Aquarius

Tuesday 13.11.2018.

Aquarius characteristics:

Period: 20.01 to 18.02

Element: Air

Ruler: The Uranus

Natural position: 11 house

Lucky numbers: 4, 6, 7, 9, 13, 17

Happy days: Friday and Saturday

Crystals: Amethyst, sapphire blue, eagle eye, turquoise, jade

Metal: titanium, lead, aluminum

Flower: Orchid, nag

Animals: big birds

Motto: I know!

Gender: Male

Color: ice blue and metallic colors

Aquarius women:

Tolerant, democratic, communicative,

free-thinking, responsible, bold, amorous, imaginative

Aquarius man:

Inventive, manager, friend, polemicist, attentive, closed, intellectual, promiscuous

Aquarius is compatable with: Gemini, Lions, Libra, Sagittarius, Capricorn

Ideal jobs:

Musician, philologist, author, poet, actor, politician, scientist

Possible diseases:

The nervous system, circulation, headaches, rheumatism


Friendly and humanitarian

Honest and patient

The original and resourceful

Independent and intellectual


Unproven and stubborn

Treacherous and unpredictable

Ogradljivi and distant

Rebels and egzibitionisti

The Famous Aquarius people:

Faust (20.01.1617.) Linguist, inventor

Christian Dior (01.21.1905.) French designer

Lord Byron (22.01.1788.) English poet

Edouard Manet (23.01.1832.) French sklikar

Lewis Carroll (27.01.1832.) English writer

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (27.01.1756.) Austrian composer

Bridget Fonda (27.01.1964.) American actress

Oprah Winfrey (29.01.1954.) American Head

Franklin Delano Roosevelt (30.01.1882.) US President

Sir Francis Bacon (1.02.1561.) English scientist

Charles Lindbergh (4.02.1902.) American aviator

Ronald Reagan (6.02.1911.) US President

Charles Dickens (7.02.1812.) English writer

Jules Verne (8.02.1828.) French writer

Thomas Alva Edison (11.02.1847.) American inventor

Charles Darwin (02.12.1809.)

Abraham Lincoln (02.12.1809.) US President

Grigor Vitez (02.15.1911.) Croatian poet

Aquarius Daily Horoscope

Do not let the sudden disturbance affect your daily plan today. You can expect the impact of competition. They will try to take you away from your plans. Instead of revenge, try to ignore your enemy. Stick to the original plan and try to ignore what is being plotted behind your back. Their attempt will be in vain anyway .

Aquarius Love Horoscope

New ideas will be revealed to you today, not only in connection with fashion, looks and your appearance, but also regarding your life and love. You will soon see important facts in your love life that will incite your curiosity. It may happen that you will turn to a completely different type of person with whom you wish to share your romantic experiences. Your focus is on a new and unusual view on a relationship.

Aquarius Weekly Horoscope

The astral configuration at the beginning of the week offers extremely illusionary approach to life which will cause problems in interpreting available data. Do not allow to lose yourself between reality and dreams, take the matters into your own hands and prepare for exploring the tangible facts. Be certain of what are you getting yourself into, before you engage in doing so. Personally wise, this is a good week for saying goodbyes and making up which you have been avoiding for some time now. Do not forget, ill will is similar to taking poison that destroys your heart and the analysis of its origin and a timely release of emotions have the healing effect. Talk about your problem with close friends or a therapist and you will feel the eight from your heart falling off. Yoga or meditation would come useful.

Aquarius Monthly Horoscope

Your business strategy only delivers partial results, which does not inspire confidence in front of your associates. Try to be methodical enough in front of a person that can have wrong judgment about you and use your statements at their own advantage. Sometimes it is hard to evaluate how much and who gains in business cooperation. You don’t like emotional judgment, many things that you do are not according to the taste and measure of your partner. You do not manage to attract attention in informal encounters, even with the help of a seductive charm and love tricks. You have a need to change a customary ritual in your relationship or to influence the flow of events; you want to enrich your intimate and love life. Relations with your associates are filled with mutual mistrust and hidden conflicts due to different business interests. Somebody is indirectly obstructs you to achieve your intentions which makes you suffer injustice and losses. Be wise and restrained, do not use wrong terms in front of colleagues you don’t know that well. Wait for the right occasion to take action. You need someone to inspire you and improve your mood. You expect more love and gentleness from your loved one than you are getting. You do not hide disappointment due to some actions and you demand detailed explanations. Sometimes it is needed to dose accordingly emotions and ratio, passion and imagination, depending on circumstances in question.
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