Daily Horoscope Aquarius

Horoscope Aquarius

Wednesday 26.09.2018.

Aquarius characteristics:

Period: 20.01 to 18.02

Element: Air

Ruler: The Uranus

Natural position: 11 house

Lucky numbers: 4, 6, 7, 9, 13, 17

Happy days: Friday and Saturday

Crystals: Amethyst, sapphire blue, eagle eye, turquoise, jade

Metal: titanium, lead, aluminum

Flower: Orchid, nag

Animals: big birds

Motto: I know!

Gender: Male

Color: ice blue and metallic colors

Aquarius women:

Tolerant, democratic, communicative,

free-thinking, responsible, bold, amorous, imaginative

Aquarius man:

Inventive, manager, friend, polemicist, attentive, closed, intellectual, promiscuous

Aquarius is compatable with: Gemini, Lions, Libra, Sagittarius, Capricorn

Ideal jobs:

Musician, philologist, author, poet, actor, politician, scientist

Possible diseases:

The nervous system, circulation, headaches, rheumatism


Friendly and humanitarian

Honest and patient

The original and resourceful

Independent and intellectual


Unproven and stubborn

Treacherous and unpredictable

Ogradljivi and distant

Rebels and egzibitionisti

The Famous Aquarius people:

Faust (20.01.1617.) Linguist, inventor

Christian Dior (01.21.1905.) French designer

Lord Byron (22.01.1788.) English poet

Edouard Manet (23.01.1832.) French sklikar

Lewis Carroll (27.01.1832.) English writer

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (27.01.1756.) Austrian composer

Bridget Fonda (27.01.1964.) American actress

Oprah Winfrey (29.01.1954.) American Head

Franklin Delano Roosevelt (30.01.1882.) US President

Sir Francis Bacon (1.02.1561.) English scientist

Charles Lindbergh (4.02.1902.) American aviator

Ronald Reagan (6.02.1911.) US President

Charles Dickens (7.02.1812.) English writer

Jules Verne (8.02.1828.) French writer

Thomas Alva Edison (11.02.1847.) American inventor

Charles Darwin (02.12.1809.)

Abraham Lincoln (02.12.1809.) US President

Grigor Vitez (02.15.1911.) Croatian poet

Aquarius Daily Horoscope

You will be under a lot of stress Today. You will have some help and understanding at work. Take a breath. Try same healthy breathing techniques. Allow yourself to do something that will relax your body. Go to meditation that involves laughing or go on singing lessons of Latin dance or just run in the park. Enjoy in life. Do not let your work and money become the essence of your life.

Aquarius Love Horoscope

Today’s cosmic climate is beneficial for interacting – visit a social event or throw a spontaneous party. Spend time in circles of people who have somewhat different points of view than you. It will help you widen your horizons and to connect with someone who otherwise is not your type, someone unique and original. That relationship could bring you true pleasure.

Aquarius Weekly Horoscope

You will have difficulties to come down this week. A worm inside you will eat you through. You will not be able to stay put and will be driven to go to exotic travels. If you are able, use the time this week to carefully plan your vacation. Search the desirable destinations and book the tickets, but only after checking the cancelling policies. It is more probable that you will not be able to take that trip, and in that case, focus on a local mini escape from the known environment and make a change in your daily routines, put some liveliness in your week by exploring the suburbs, or the less known parts of the city, enjoy the sites and good food. New contacts from abroad await you on your professional plan, whether they are large overseas client seeking to work just with you or a colleague that shares your ideas and thoughts. You are technologically strong this week, use it.

Aquarius Monthly Horoscope

You seem positive and open to modern ideas, which may improve your professional style and expression. You are in an excellent position to finish a series of useful jobs, which will in return bring you a psychological relieve and material satisfaction. Join your interests with a trusted team which promises long-term and fruitful cooperation. Emotional insecurity makes you check on your partner frequently. You are trying to determine similarities in emotional affection and differences drive you apart. It is important to mutually respond to love dilemmas. If you are single, someone will charm you with their attractive look or with an unusual way of courting. You are not able to comply with your associates despite all your reasonability and responsibility. Someone is advising you to continue with the work at hand and not to pay attention to comments and various warnings. Sometimes you feel a lack of concentration or will in executing routine tasks. You seem reserved and to do not want to overstep your boundaries by delaying your final decision. It seems that you are going through a new love sunset. You are in need of passion and emotional outbursts in your love relationship. Your partner is frequently absent, from reasons unknown to you, and they are not awarding you emotional attention. You are secretly expecting for a romantic encounter or your love vision to come through.
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