Daily Horoscope Aries

Horoscope Aries

Thursday 22.03.2018.

Aries Characteristics:

Period: 21.03 to 19.04

Element: Fire

Ruler: Mars

Natural position: 1 house

Lucky Numbers: 2, 9, 19, 29, 37, 80

Happy Days: Monday, Tuesday and Friday

Crystals: diamond, dolomite, quartz, hematite, coral

Metal: Iron, steel

Flower: Velcro

Animal: Aries

Motto: I make my way!

Gender: Male

Color: red and white

Aries women:

Direct, enterprising, simple, attractive, active, authoritative

Aries man:

Dignified, direct, egocentric, showy, zaljubliv, intolerant, self-confident, ambitious

Aries is compatable with: Sagittarius, Aquarius, Lions

Possible diseases:

Eyes, accidents, injuries, sexual organs

Ideal jobs:

Firefighters, surgeons, mechanics, dentists, athletes, inventors


Adventurers and enthusiasts

Warm and brave

The energetic and self-confident

Dynamic and indirect


Egotistical and irritable

Impulsive and impatient

The jealous and dominant

Combat and devastating

Famous Aries people:

Joan Crawford (03.23.1903.) American actress

Elton John (03.25.1948.) English singer

Vincent Van Gogh (30.03.1853.) Painter

Warren Beatty (30.03. 1937), American actor

Celine Dion (30.03.1968.) American singer

Jackie Chan (1.04.1956.) American actor

Hans Christian Andersen (2.04.1805.) Danish writer

Eddie Murphy (3.04.1961.) American actor

Marlon Brando (3.04.1924.) American actor

Gregory Peck (5.04.1916.) American actor

Russel Crowe (7.04.1964.) American actor

Thomas Jefferson (13.04.1743.) Inventor. third president of the United States

Leonardo Da Vinci (15.04.1452.) Inventor and painter

Charlie Chaplin (16.04.1889.) Producer

Ivana Brlic Mazuranic (18.04.1874.) Croatian writer

Aries Daily Horoscope

You will feel a sudden rush of energy and adrenaline today. During the day that energy will just be stronger. During the afternoon, take the time for yourself and go for a run. . Shake out the excess energy from yourself and have a good fatigue. You will feal great. In the evening expect an interesting call.

Aries Love Horoscope

Take a special consideration of your current over sensitiveness in love matters. If your partner says or does something hurtful, think thoroughly if that is so important or is it just your impression, evaluate the weight of their words or acts. You better cool down because you could over exaggerate things and cause unnecessary conflict.

Aries Weekly Horoscope

Words are usually your strongest weapon, but this week will go by the old saying: “Silence is golden!”. Distance yourself from intense conversations and multilayer socialization, retreat into your own world and recharge the batteries or otherwise you will burn out. Being a player behind the scenes does not mean that you will be forgotten and replaced with a new lead actor, on the contrary, you will be wiser and more appreciated if you breathe in the fresh air with full capacity before the next round of the frustrating dialogues. Instead of exploding in a burst of anger, rather turn to your personal project which does not require the assistance of your environment and let your creativity to surface above all the rationalizations that have occupied you lately. It will be good for your health as well; you might have neglected it during the latest tempest. Pay attention to the key health points and focus on healthier life, more movement and balanced nourishment. If you didn’t get the point already, you need peace this week.

Aries Monthly Horoscope

Your mysterious and obscure behavior along with not being available and retrieving into yourself may lead to a number of misunderstandings. If you have gone through a breakup because you were too proud, and your heart is wounded, remember that you might have overreacted and that there is always the other side of the coin. Most often, you are able to see only one side and believe in it with your whole heart. After a while, the circumstances might turn around and you will believe in to something completely the opposite without noticing that you are being contradictory in every aspect. Everything that has a tendency go to the extreme will eventually turn into its opposite. The only thing sure is that a secret relationship will not make you happy. For what it’s worth you will not suffer for long. Soon enough, there will be new contacts, new crossroads and new roads ahead. You are smart, open and flexible. Use your advantages in the second half of May and leave your past behind you. There is a tendency for wearing yourself out, especially if your occupation is not static. Positive attitude may help you overcome physical exhaustion or bad health state. You need to concentrate and coordinate all your activities towards your health, to your daily routine and career. Do not be too hard on yourself; just take action in the amount necessary to get you to a state of general improvement. Concerning your daily routine, organize yourself in a manner that enables you to be as effective as possible, by taking care of the acute priority problems. Health is surprisingly good.
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