Daily Horoscope Leo

Horoscope Leo

Thursday 16.08.2018.

Leo Characteristics

Period: 23.07 to 22.08

Element: Fire

Ruling planet: The Sun

Natural position: 5. house

Lucky Numbers: 1, 2, 9, 11, 16, 22

Happy Days: Friday, Saturday and Sunday,

Crystals: amber, rock crystal, onyx, raukvars, tourmaline

Metal: Gold

Flower: Lily

Animals: lion, all wild cats

Motto: I will!

Gender: Male

Color: gold, silver

Leo woman

Feminine, confident, cheerful, dobroduna, narcissistic, picky, snob, devoted

Leo man

Opinionated, loud, dominant, childish, idealistic, creative, fun, conceited, dignified,


Leo is compatable with: Lions, Libra, Sagittarius or Aries

Ideal jobs:

Managers, architects, inventors, teachers, athletes, leaders

Possible disease:

The heart, blood pressure, spine, joints


Generous and kind

Creators and enthusiasts

Bold and creative

Loyal and peaceful


Arrogant and povlaštavajući

Arrogant and narcissistic

Intolerant and "always right"

Proud and self-centered

The famous lions:

Jennifer Lopez (24.07.1970.) American singer

Bernard Shaw (26.07.1856.) Irish writer

Beatrix Potter (28.07.1866.) English writer

Jacqueline Onassis (07.28.1929.) American first lady

Henry Ford (30.07.1863.) American innovator

Arnold Schwarzenegger (07.30.1947.) American actor

Neil Armstrong (08.05.1930.) American astronaut

LordTennyson (08.06.1809.) English poet

Ivan Mažuranić (11.08.1814.) Croatian ban and poet

Alfred Hitchcock (13.08.1899.) American director

Fidel Castro (13.08.1927.) Cuba's prime minister

Napoleon Bonaparte (08.15.1769.) French emperor

Madonna Ciccone (16.08.1958.) American singer

Orville Wright (08.19.1871.) American inventor

Bill Clinton (19.08.1946.) US President

Deng Xiaoping (08.22.1904.) Chinese Premier

Leo Daily Horoscope

Do not let the sudden disturbance affect your daily plan today. You can expect the impact of competition. They will try to take you away from your plans. Instead of revenge, try to ignore your enemy. Stick to the original plan and try to ignore what is being plotted behind your back. Their attempt will be in vain anyway .

Leo Love Horoscope

Today’s planet position is beneficial for organizing a party or an event meant to gather people you want to get to know better. Although you won’t find yourself in a strong passionate embrace, you might get attracted to the calmness and elegance of one special person, whom you would definitely want to see more often and get to know them.

Leo Weekly Horoscope

You will be focused on private dilemmas and issues from the past. It is time to come to the front and openly express your feelings towards those issues. However, do not let the past problems lead you to feeling guilt, because they are long past their purpose and value. Thinking about the past in order to extract conclusions for the future is worthy, on the other hand. This is also a benevolent period for rethinking, silent contemplation and meditation. Do not strive too much for predetermined and hardly achieved goals because failing in achieving them will influence you negatively. You might become aware of your limitations by the end of the week, whether it is a mental, physical, emotional or even financial barrier. It will slow you down and worry you, but that feeling will pass while opening new possibilities for progress. You will seek for love comfort and support and you will probably get it. You will know to appreciate it and be grateful.

Leo Monthly Horoscope

Some will retreat inside of themselves; some will yearn for the forbidden and the untouchable…Love will resemble loneliness or sacrifice in search for the ideal. Young persons may fall in love with somebody that does not deserve it. Whether it is a crook or a junkie, lazy or a cast off, remember that the scale of values is not balanced at the moment, and that you are not seeing things clearly. The amount of passion you put in will be equal to the unpleasantness of the awakening. You might put everything on the pedestal now, and love is the only thing you trust, but whether it is true love or you are just blinded remains to be seen. The answer will provide itself without a long wait. Unemployed persons have a chance to receive useful piece of information or to develop a private business idea. This month is favorable for contacting senior people in positions, persons in administration or in political parties. All affairs in relation with bureaucracy will run smoothly so you should finish everything that has been on hold. Debts are easier to repay, but are easily created as well. Positive changes may happen during this month, unless you are waiting for them to appear out of nowhere. The first decade of the month opens possibilities for new business projects. Pay attention to your diet. Try to spend more time out of smoky and unaired premises.
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