Daily Horoscope Cancer

Horoscope Cancer

Saturday 23.06.2018.

Cancer Characteristics

Period: 21.06 to 22.07

Element: Water

Ruling planet: The Moon

Natural position: 5 house

Lucky numbers: 2, 6, 22, 24, 26, 32

Happy Days: Monday and Wednesday

Crystals: agate, pearls, rock crystal, moonstone, turquoise green

Metal: Silver, Selenium

Flower: Bear Paw

Animal: Animals with shell

Motto: I feel!

Gender: Female

Color: brown, gray and watercolor

Cancer woman

Conniving, calculating, sharp, energetic, dangerous, self-centered, self-sufficient

Cancer man

Sensitive, unreliable, cuddly, lovable, macho, melancholy, self-destructive

Leo is compatable with: Taurus, Virgo, Scorpio or Pisces

Ideal jobs:

Doctors, pharmacists, teachers, nutritionists, chefs, realtors

Possible diseases:

Stomach, genitals, metabolism


Emotional and Noble

Good listeners and patrons

Shrewd and cautious

Intuitive and compassionate


Variable and cranky

Highly vulnerable and sensitive

Loyal and vindictive

Irritable and jealous

Famous Cancers:

Gustav Krklec (23.06.1899.) Croatian writer

The Duke of Windsor (06.23.1894.) King of England

George Orwell (06.25.1903.) American writer

Jean Jacques Rousseau (06.28.1712.) French philosopher

Henry VIII (28.06.1491.) King of England

Lady Diana (1.07.1961.) Princess of Wales

Tom Cruise (3.07.1962.) American actor

Dalai Lama XIV (6.07.1933.) Tibetantski leader

Sylvester Stallone (6.07.1946.) American actor

Tom Hanks (7.07.1956.) American actor

Pierre Cardin (7.07.1922.) French designer

Nikola Tesla (10.07.1856.). scientist and inventor

Georgio Armani (07.11.1934.) Italian designer

Pablo Neruda (12.07.1904.) Chilean poet

Julius Caesar (12.07.102 BC), Roman emperor

Bill Cosby (07.12.1937.) American actor

Harrison Ford (13.07.1942.) American actor

Dr. John Dee (13 July 1527), English mathematician

Donald Sutherland (17 July 1935) is an American actor

Nelson Mandela (18 July 1926), a leader in South Africa

Ernest Hemingway (July 21, 1898) is an American writer

Cancer Daily Horoscope

Try to be a little frivolous today. little silliness and fun would not hurt you. It will remove the burden from your chest. Too much work is exhausting you and slows your energy. Be careful On the emotional level. The success of the relationship depends of both partners. It is not enough to love, but to be loved too. Spend your day with friends. They really loves you.

Cancer Love Horoscope

Today planet’s position promises an abundance of laughter in love. If you already have a better half and expect sensual moments, remember some old funny stories for a moment and relax with a glass of wine and some laughter and have a good time. Good time in a relaxed ambient may be your ace in a sleeve for making new acquaintances. If you are looking for love, you may find in a person with a great sense of humor.

Cancer Weekly Horoscope

Be careful at work at the beginning of the week, thoroughly check the documents that leave your hands and watch for mistakes that could slip through and cost you a lot. You will have to be quick and very effective in the middle of the week if you don’t want to miss any chances, even if it means being a bit superficial. Rather finish all that is required with less attention to some tasks than leave a part of the work unfinished, because precision will not be valued this week. Not everything is rocket science; sometimes you have to have a blind eye in executing routine tasks. A pleasant family gathering is expected at the end of the week, widen that circle with your best friends and you will have everything a person desires at one place at the same time. As far as love situation is concerned, try to maintain your relationship stable, because old flames are lurking around this week and they could be manifested by a physical appearance of some of your old love. Reject the temptation of trying old shoes.

Cancer Monthly Horoscope

If you are single, you will fall under the influence of a strong willed person, full of enthusiasm, enterprise, with a theatrical and competitive nature. This person could simply over run you with their energy if you let them. You find yourself at unstable grounds, so passionate actions have two ends. The other end is always connected with jealousy and confrontations caused by possessive and violent tendencies. Avoid late nights out and approaches by persons you do not know. This especially relates to teenagers born in this sign. One should beware of dangerous people and situations that even merely insinuate the possibility for violence. Those in marriages are not satisfied, but they should have known that there were no guarantees that there would not be temptations in marriage. Now is the time to make compromises and to understand that life is not a straight line. Otherwise, serious problems might occur. You are confronted by impatient and hot spurred persons who react very rapturously. That may present itself as a great problem. You need to learn to yield because it is not going to be important who is right but what your ultimate goal is. Remember that you are weaker now, and that you are not capable to encounter the circumstances that are presented. Find inspiration in talking to educated and merry people and in doing something pleasurable. Now is the time to forget the values you have been imposing lately; destroy them and move forward. Tension, nervousness and stress lead to not caring and to energy surge that causes illnesses.
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