Daily Horoscope Libra

Horoscope Libra

Wednesday 26.09.2018.

Libra Characteristics

Period: 23:09 to 22:10

Element: Air

Ruling planet: The Venus

Natural position: 7th House

Lucky numbers: 5, 6, 10, 13, 16, 18

Happy Days: Monday and Friday

Crystals: white quartz, lapis lazuli, coral, opal, petrified wood, topaz

Metal: Copper, bronze

Flower: Hydrangea

Animals: lizards

Motto: I am balancing!

Gender: Female

Color: light blue, pink

Libra woman

Social, cooperative, peaceful, busybodies, creative, snobs, diplomats, tolerant, vain,

drawn, slow

Libra man

Charming, friendly, communicative, witty, curious, unreliable

Libra is compatable with: Aquarians, Gemini or Libra

Ideal jobs:

Diplomats, judges, PR, counselors, psychologists, artists

Possible diseases:

The kidneys, endocrine system


Diplomats and aesthetes

Romantic and enchanting

Relaxed and social

Idealistic and peaceful


Indecisive and changeable

Credulous and impressionable

Impatient and narcissistic

Superficial and critical

The Famous Libras:

Michael Douglas (09.25.1944.) American actor

Catherine Zeta Jones (25.09.1969.) Actress

T. S. Elliot (26.09.1888.) English poet

Pope Paul VI (09.26.1897.) Pope

Bridget Bardot (09.29.1934.) French actress

Julie Andrews (10.01.1935.) American actress

Mohandas Gandhi (02.10.1869.) Indian leaders

John Lennon (09.10.1940.) English musician

Eleanor Roosevelt (10.11.1884.) American first lady

Luciano Pavarotti (12.10.1935.) Italian opera singer

Oscar Wilde (15.10.1856.) Irish writer

Pele (10.23.1940.) Brazilian football legend

Michael Crichton (23.10.1942.) American writer

Libra Daily Horoscope

At the beginning of the day you will start some confusion. You will feel that you lose control. But during the day, the situation will clear up by itself. By the end of the working time you will already be fine. You will be ready to face all the dramatic situations. You will have sense of adventure and courage . You will surprise yourself and get compliments at the end of the day.

Libra Love Horoscope

You will lack courage and self-confidence to engage in a deeper conversation with that special one you want to get close to. However, you are aware how important it is to take initiative in order to leave a good first impression, but at the same time you are afraid of rejection and have little faith in yourself. Throw away your fears and encourage yourself for a beginning of a fruitful conversation, because you really want that and are able to do it. It is only a conversation after all.

Libra Weekly Horoscope

The position of planets during this week shows perplexing of financial and career paths. You probably have a business plan that requires additional resources for realization and you will put in all your efforts in order to enable the financing of this project. Although you are a practical sign, you may encounter financial difficulties and be forced to act impulsive, especially regarding loans and credit line. Stay focus not to go over your credit card limit, having in mind all the rest of the financial obligations because you will otherwise find yourself in a financial crisis from which you will have a hard time recovering. Your love life this week feels like an explosion of emotions, which will suit you and you will enjoy it. There will be no place for calculated moves and a cool head in this field, and it will serve as a vacation from a hard working week. Relax and fully embrace what love offers, regenerate yourself from the inside and enjoy the love you receive.

Libra Monthly Horoscope

It is not your intention to assume too many business and financial risks but you cannot escape but to notice that some of your associates are indirectly changing basic parameters and persistently introducing their own goals. If you don’t abide to particular requests you may expect additional complications and criticism. You cannot change ongoing circumstances and neglect your obligations. It is necessary to adjust better. You require more gentleness and understanding in your love relationship. Your partner has unorthodox ideas and their behavior incites the feeling of insecurity. You need someone’s presence, but a certain level of emotional freedom as well. You are predicting a significant change in the relationship with your loved one. You are in the middle of the creative phase of expressing business ideas, but there are circumstances that put a limit to your influence. Business events have converging fluctuation and the skill of adjustment in certain situations makes all the difference. It is necessary to devote yourself to long term goals and to accept modern trends of expressing oneself. Likewise, it is important to provide emotional support to your partner and to follow common goals together. Your partner can meet your expectations, but you need to create a harmonic relationship first. Rely on emotional stimuli and on your inner voice. Your internal satisfaction and glow represent reflection of your happiness.
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